Website for trackiong personal achievements?

 Website for trackiong personal achievements?
Okunuyor Website for trackiong personal achievements?

Anyone know where to find software or websites to keep track of in-real-life game style achievements? Give me what Xbox, steam and WoW do. Give me the leaderboards, the tittles, and magical kerdongs! Or what sub reddit to ask about that?

I have been scouring long and hi for this!

Only thing anyone knows that’s even kind of sort of close is habitica. Ban man- it’s missing some amazing things I for one really want: the leaderboards: to get inspired or stuff you didn’t even know was possible or a thing(for example)

I want the loud DOOING sound like what WoW does. I want the app and website with a huge community.

Give me the: real time (troll free!) chat

Give me the gps, and augmented reality thing to challenge your self for finding, recording and doing things.

Give me the day to day things to try or keep track of just like what games do. Oh are you to get buff? we’re here for you. holographic trainers to help and cheer you on. Do you need, or just want to loose some weight? here’s a augmented reality race track, music and podcasts, Do you want real people to join you? we’ll do our best! Oh they can’t join? no problem here’s a selection of Augmented Reality people to try instead

Where in the devils crunchy dorito drawers is that? OO

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