Looking for a Community driven resource platform

 Looking for a Community driven resource platform
Okunuyor Looking for a Community driven resource platform

Hi! Obligatory first poster and I hope this is the correct subreddit.

I’m looking for a platform (preferably a website) where I can store information and resources in a community driven fashion.

Things I’m looking for:

* Users can easily comment / ask questions about snippets of text, think like Google Docs where you can just mark text and comment on.
* Users can come with suggestions about stuff to be added / changed / removed.
* Easily moderated by moderators.
* Support multiple pages / documents (kinda like google sheets or subdomains for a website).

Google Docs / Drive is a good platform for smaller groups of people, but with a large community it would get very cluttered and hard to manage if many are commenting in a document.

The best option I can think of right now is to use Google Docs / Drive to store resources on combined with Discord for questions and suggestions and the like.

Any ideas / suggestions are welcome.

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