ISO Good Personal Task Management Program

 ISO Good Personal Task Management Program
Okunuyor ISO Good Personal Task Management Program

I’m looking for a good, free program that I can use to manage the stuff I’m working on. I’ve been using Google Tasks, but I’d like a few more options without sacrificing convenience. Here’s what I need from it:

* Cross-platform compatibility: Web app and/or Windows app as well as an Android app with sync
* Priority settings: This is the main reason that Google Tasks is no longer working for me as I have a number of on-going tasks and need a visualization of what I should be working on and what can wait; full customizability is preferred but not necessary
* Due dates (or something to that extent)
* Support for subtasks and notes
* Separate groups/pages/lists/categories of notes
* Ability to attach files/links/etc.
* Nice looking UI and good UX

I’m not expecting something that can perfectly cover all of these, but I’d like something that can at least get close. The list is sorted-ish with the more important stuff at the top and less important stuff towards the bottom. Any help would be appreciated!

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