Is Microsoft Word worth the ridiculous price?

 Is Microsoft Word worth the ridiculous price?
Okunuyor Is Microsoft Word worth the ridiculous price?

I got a newish laptop and it doesn’t have word on it. I looked at the prices and Microsoft is still price gauging like mad ($150 for a one time subscription). Other prices are cheaper from 3rd party sellers and some seem scammy like on ebay

I currently have an office account for my job but I really don’t like the idea of using it for my private endeavors. I’m currently working on a young novel and it gets a little pg 13 at times, which could possibly land me in trouble if it was read. Really the only thing I’d need word for is the novel which is 7/8s of the way done.

I know there are free alternatives out there but I’m worried about privacy. Google docs would be perfect but I’m paranoid and have no trust in Googles privacy. I realize it’s self important to think they’d steal, sell or leak my idea, but it’s one of the proudest things I’ve ever come up with and I’ve got too much invested in it to be stolen.

Currently I’m looking at Libreoffice but don’t have much faith in it and as a worst case scenario, there is notepad which is just too bare bones to function. So is it worth paying for Word? Trying Libreoffice, or banking on perfect spelling with notepad?

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