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Hello World in 10 Languages

There are not so many distances between the software and the languages, we will examine it by typing Hello World in 10 Languages.

C #

c # logo visual result

Next I'll show you the example in the 2nd language, which I found as close as I can call c # brother.


I'm going to show you the perfect language that I love to meet those who haven't met yet.

Pyhton 2x

Pretty simple, isn't it? C is not as fast as a language at the same time.


Since we're from the C family, let me set another example.


Let's take a look at the internet programming languages.


Not if I talk about it from the internet.


Visual result related to PHP

Now, let's continue with other respectable programming languages ​​that are important, I didn't show asp instead of console.


Money play, the big elite favorite elite language.Doğal olarak now many programs can write programs in the IOS environment.

“Hello World 10 in 10 Languages


Dedeyide examine.Halas pascal teaches in 1980, many of our professors who are educated in our universities can count the benefits of me or criticize me. But my blood is not hot in this language.


Friends Of course, the world is not only about these 10 languages, but when we look at the programming languages ​​are all very similar to each other. de javaya will try to convert your code, at the end of a week to learn the java and you can log in androide. You can adapt to any language as long as you learn a language well!


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