Headphone volume ridiculously high.

 Headphone volume ridiculously high.
Okunuyor Headphone volume ridiculously high.

Hi there, I’m not fully sure if this is a Software or Hardware issue, so just let me know if this sounds more like a hardware related issue!

So I’ve been having this problem for a while but ever since my old pair of headphones broke and I bought a new pair the problem has gotten worse. All audio from my headphones is really loud, for context, my volume is usually set at 4-8 now and it sounds more like I’m playing at around 100, if I take off my headphones and put up the volume they basically work as speakers.

I recently turned on Loudness Equalization in the sound control panel but it’s not made any change, and the loud volume is actually linked to my desktop audio.

The headphones are called “SADES A60 Gaming Headphones.” and have no secondary audio slider like some headphones with a volume controller.

The volume buttons on the headset change the actual desktop audio level and not specifically the headphones.

Thank you in advance!

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