Common Programming Mistakes #1

 Common Programming Mistakes #1
Okunuyor Common Programming Mistakes #1

Avoid these common programming mistakes

The today over outline is this are

Avoid these common programming mistakes

  1. Learning too many programming languages, frameworks
  2. Comparison, self doubt and fear
  3. Writing code without plan
  4. Writing messy code and ignoring code quality
  5. Thinking you kow it all
  6. Laziness in dong parctice
  7. Not backing up code
  8. Going so fast

Learning too many programming lanuguges, frameworks

As a beginner first you should master one, then explore another.

Comparison, self doubt and fear

It’s human nature to compare ourselves with others all the time, that’s the case in programming as well. Some people are good at picking up the concept very easily and some people take time but slow learing is

completely ok if you have real interest in coding.

Writing code without plan

A lot of beginners in excitement skip the thinking, research, and planning stages of a project and start writting code right away. First you should understand the problem, its requirements, research about it,degin the program, think and then start coding.

Writing messy code and ignoring code quality

No proper indentation, Inconsistent use of new lines and white space, Bad variables and functions names, Not commenting or over commenting the code, these are some of the mistakes in bad quality code.

Thinking you know it all

Always remember programming is a marathon where there is no end line.Every day new technology, frameworks and a lot of things are coming out in the world, so there is no end of leaning the coding stuff.

Laziness in doing pactice

There is a huge difference between reading the coding stuff theoretically and doing things practically. Parcticing the acual code should never be neglected in programming.

Not backing up code

Think about a situation whe you have put so much effort in making a project and the disk crashed in your system where all your files were saved, you have also lost your work. As a programmer, it is so important to save and backup your work constantly.

Going so fast

Slowing down while coding helps most programmers reduce syntax errors, and improve the structure of algrithms. This typically results in massive improvements in code quality, while also keeping your employer or clients happy.

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